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Inesfly Insecticide Interior Paint (coloured)


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Inesfly 5A IGR exterior paint is a water-based paint that can be used on all outdoor surfaces where there is a high level of insect infestation. This high quality 2in1 paint beautifies your walls and also actively repels insects for a period of 2 years. From home-use to professional-use, Inesfly 5A IGR exterior paint helps you achieve the ultimate long-term protection against insects and is absolutely non-toxic to humans.

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Colour Name

Acacia Aire, Acaoulco Gold, Acres of Iris, Adobe Acres, African Safari, Aged Pottery, Allegra, Almond Biscotti, Almondine, Almost Almond, Alpine Lodge, Always Sunny, Ancient Pottery, Angel Food, Antique Cream, Apple Jack, Appledore, Apricot Acres, Apricot Afternoon, Apricot Blush, Apricot Grove, Apricot Mist, Aqua Appeal, Arable, Arlons Linen, Around Midnight, Artist’s Clay, Atlantic Blue, Australian Adventure, Autumn Bloom, Autumn Canyon, Autumn Wine, Avalon, Aye Calypso, Baby Shower Blue, Baby Yourself, Baja Beige, Bali Blue, Bananarama, Barefoot Beach, Barefoot grass, Barely Beige, Barely Blue, Barely Dawn, Barely There, Barrington Brown, Basic Black, Basket of Acorns, Bautical Blue, Bayfield, Beautiful Daydream, Beauty Bay, Beauty and the Beach, Bee Happy, Beige Blush, Beigeful, Belize Breeze, Bellisima, Berry Patch Blue, Bistro Brown, Black Lake, Blissful Blue, Blue Angels, Blue Colonel, Blue Fescue, Blue Juniper, Blue Monday, Blue Streak, Blue Topaz, Bluff Creek, Blush Beige, Borrowed from the Boys, Breathtaking Blue, Breezy Blue, Bressingham Blue, Brick Dust, Bridal Wreath, Bridging the Bay, Bright Seascape, Brighton Beach, Brookside, Brookview, Buoyant Blue, Busy Beeswax, Butter Up, Butterscotch Kiss, Calista, Calla Lily, Cameroon Rose, Candles Glowing, Canone Lake, Canterbury Bell, Canton Cotton, Canton court, Carmel Coat, Carmel Sauce, Carob Chip, Casa Bonita, Cascading Blue, Cathy Cream, Centennial Rose, Chardonnay Club, Chic Sprout, China White, Chocolate Craving, Chubby Cheeks, Cinderella Sunshine, Cinnabar Sand, Cinnamon Swept, Cirrus Cloud, Citrus Grove, City Lights, Clarity, Coastal Cruise, Cocoa Beans, Colombian Coffee, Color of Dreams, Cool Shadow, Copper Penny, Coppery Gemstone, Coral Bells, Coral Brust, Coral Sunset, Coronado Gold, Cottage White, Country Breeze, Country Crossing, Country Heather, Country Meadow, Cowgirl Hat, Cozy Cabin, Cranberry Mist, Crickled Carrots, Crimson Crazed, Cronwell, Crown Gold, Crushed Cranberry, Crystal Beach, Crystal Blush, Crystal Cove, Crystalyn, Currant Craze, Daddy’s Girl, Dainty Pink, Dark Triumph, Day Brightener, Day Sail, Deep Sand, Desert Darkness, Desert Gold, Diamond Bluff, Distant Star, Dizzy Daffodil, Dogwood Blossom, Domestic Bliss, Dominique, Dreamy Space, Dress-up Denim, Drift Away, Drop Anchor, Duck’s Bill, Dune Walk, Dunia, Earth Henna, Earthy Tan, Earthy Terracotta, Easter Lily, Ebony Coast, Ebony Evening, Echoes of Spring, Egyptian Cotton, Elegant Attitude, Emeraude, English Channel, English Gentry, Entre Sol, Escape the Everyday, Eternal Gold, Evening Express, Evening in Venice, Exotic Love, Face of Innocence, Fall Fiesta, Fan the Flame, Fancy That, Feather River, Fired Bisque, Firefly Glow, First Class, First Rain, Flamingo Pink, Follow the Tradewinds, French Larkspur, Fresh Aqua, Fresh Cut Grass, Fresh Honey, Fresh Moss, Fresh Squeezed, Frosty Orange, Frotenac Hills, Fruit of the Vine, Fuchsia Flash, Fuzzy Fiddleheads, Galleon Gold, Garden Gloves, Garden Inspiration, Garden Medley, Garden Promise, Garden Shed, Gentle Breeze, Gentle Waterfall, Gift of the Sea, Glacier Stream, Gleaming Shells, Gold Beach, Gold Field, Golden City, Golden Glory, Golden Idol, Golden Rondelle, Golden Roy, Golden Valley, Good Night Moon, Good as Gold, Grandma’s Blue Gown, Grape Suzette, Grasshopper Green, Grazing Deer, Great Grape, Green Felt, Green Goddess, Green bananas, Greenblushed Oasis, Grenville Gold, Grey Guest, Greystone Estate, Gulf Breeze, Gypsy Rose, Harvest King, Hatteras Haze, Hawaiian Heather, Heart of Gold, Heather Haze, Herb garden, Hidden Ravine, High Country Twilight, High Noon, Highgate Grey, Homestead Hearth, Hours Glass Sand, How Sweet It is, Hunting Lodge, Hush Blush, Ice Cream Social, Ice Palace, Iced Aqua, Into the Garden, Iris Interlude, Irish Moss, It’s a Boy, Jade Jest, Jazz Festival, Jazzy Java, Joyful Green, Jubilant Jade, Juicy Peach, Julesburg, June Breeze, Jungle Camo, Jungle Fever, Jungle Vine, Kid Gloves, King Midas, King’s Choice, Kingkaid, Kiss of Spring, Kyros, Ladies’; Night, Larkspur Lane, Latin Lady, Lava Rock, Lavender Gem, Lazy Summer Day, Leap Frog, Lemon Chiffon, Lemon Frost, Lemon Ice, Lemon Icing, Lemon Leaf, Lemon Light, Lemon Mist, Lemon Puff, Lemony Note, Light Clay, Light Lime, Lilac Garden, Lilies of the Valley, Lime Twist, Line in the Sand, Lingering Lavender, Little Dream, Love Match, Luberon, Lucky Clover, Lucky Lilac, Lucky Lucy, Lush Green, Make Waves, Marla Mauve, Marseille, Marsh Cattail, Mauve Tinged, Mauve Touch, Mayfaire, Medicine River, Medina, Mediterranean Blue, Melon Mist, Melting Snowflake, Mexican Spice, Miami Mind, Mid-Winter, Milk Moustache, Mineral Mine, Mineral Shine, Minerale, Mint Leaf, Mission Ridge, Misty Lavender, Moccasin Trail, Mocha Medley, Mochaccino, Montebella, Moon River, Moondust, Moonlight Beach, Moonlight Serenade, Moonlit Blue, Morning Star, Moss Rose, Mossy Log, Mountain Music, Mr.Sandman, Murano Mist, My Pleasure, My Sunny Day, Natural Coir, New Blue Dawn, New Fallen Snow, Night Beacon, Night Edition, Oak Bluff, Ocean Frolic, Old English Castle, Old Sage, Olive Ridge, Olympic Circle, On Cloud Nine, Once in a Blue Moon, Orange Ambers, Orange Beac, Orange Blush, Orange Delicia, Organic Cotton, Pacific Bungalow, Palatia, Pale Citrus, Pale Paloma, Pale Periwinkle, Pale Starlet, Palm Island, Panama Hat, Pansy Petals, Pansy Potpourri, Paper White, Park Row, Pasadena Rose, Patchouli, Peace of Garden, Peach Tree Trail, Peacock Plume, Pearl Blush, Pearl Pink, Pearly Everlasting, Pearly White, Perfect Interlude, Petal’s Blush, Petals of Blue, Petals of Light, Peter Cottontail, Piano Keys, Pillow Talk, Piney Creek, Pink Angel, Pink Pale, Pink Prize, Pink Sunset, Pleasant Peach, Point Pleasant, Porch Swing, Positively Pink, Powderhorn, Power of Gold, Prairie Night, Prairie Path, Precious Dew Drop, Pretty Please, Prince Regent, Pueblo Pathway, Puff of Cloud, Pumpkin Patch, Pure Pearl, Purple Blush, Purple Primrose, Putty Pink, Queens Pawn, Quiet Refuge, Quiet Simplicity, Rain Dance, Rain Mist, Raining Skey, Ramona Rose, Real Rain Drop, Really Raisin, Red Currant, Red Rock, Red Siren, Red Wall, Rhoda, Rhythm of the River, Rising Sun, River Rock, Riviera Beach, Rock Wall, Romance Begins, Rose Kissed, Rosemont, Rosy Heather, Rosy Lips, Rows of Roses, Royal Glimmer, Royal Gorge, Royal Iris, Royal Masterpiece, Royal Treatment, Rustic Pottery, Safari Dress, Safe Passage, Sage Brush, Sage Saga, Sail Away, Sail Cloth, Saltwater Taffy, San Francisco Fog, Sand Creek, Sand Dollar Beach, Santa Fe Sun, Sausalito Spring, Sea Grass, Sea Spray, Sea of Coral, Sea of Grass, Seaside Reflections, Secret Rumor, Shades of Blue, Shadow Magic, Shadow Mountain, Shaft of Gold, Shell Creek, Shell Seekers, Shining Knight, Shining Sea, Shocking Sunset, Shy Shrimp, Sienna Sunset, Sierra Foothills, Silky Sage, Silver Anniversary, Silver Beacon, Silver Screen, Silver Shadow, Silver Twig, Silver of Silver, Silvery Seafare, Simply Shell, Skin Light, Sky Ceiling, Sky at Night, Slice of Cantaloupe, Sliced Almond, Sliced Mango, Slightly Sandy, Smokey Chimney, Smooth Blue, Snap Dragon, Snow Mass, Snow Queen, Soft Almond, Soft Beauty, Soft Jade, Soft Lime, Soft Sand, Soft Sherbet, Solar Flight, Solferino Lake, Something Green, South Beach, Southern Plantation, Spice Orange, Spice of Lif, Spinney mountain, Spirit River, Splinter of Silver, Split Pea, Sprig of Sage, Spring Asparagus, Spring Attitude, Spring Bliss, Spring Break, Spring Fresh, Spring Inspiration, Spring Melody, Spring Petals, Spring Ring, Spring Vista, Spring lilac, Squire House, Star Crest, Steamed Milk, Steamed Shrimp, Stellar Light, Stone Age, Stone Edge, Stone Hearth, Strawberry Mist, Streak of Silver, Strictly Silver, Suite of Armor, Sultry Sapphire, Summer Sienna, Summer Smile, Summer Splash, Summer Town, Summer White, Summer Wine, Summer by the Sea, Sun City, Sun Kissed, Sun Ray, Sun’s Up, Sunburst, Sundance, Sundrenched Sand, Sundried Tomato, Sundry, Sunflower Seed, Sunglow, Sunningdale, Sunny Attitud, Sunny Season, Sunny Side Up, Sunny at Heart, Sunsatio, Sunset Cruise, Sunset Serenade, Sunwashed Yellow, Surf’s Up, Sutherland, Sweet Alfalfa, Sweet Anticipation, Sweet Pickles, Sweet Sage, Sweet Summer, Sweet Sunrise, Swimming Pool, Swirl of cream, Swirling Water, Sydney, Tangy Orange, Taos Tan, Tarnished Gold, Tarnished Silver, Taste of Taupe, Tawny Lion, Tender Love Note, Terra Vale, The Dark Side, The Lime Light, The Real You, Thickened Cream, Think Spring, Thorwood, Time for Fun, Tinge of Green, Toasted Bagel, Toasted Taupe, Touch of Sunshine, Tree of Life, Tropical Sea, Tropical Trail, Truffle Trouble, Tudor Cottage, Turkish Towel, Turquoise Twilight, Tuxedo Tails, Twinkling Turquoise, Under the Sun, Up to Date, Urban Twilight, Valley Mist, Vanilla Frost, Veggie Green, Very Lemon, Very Vanilla, Victorian Topaz, Villa Florence, Villa del Sol, Viracocha, Virginia Bluebelle, Walking on Air, Wasaga Beach, Water Chesnut, Watery Blue, Wave of Wheat, Weathered Wood, Western Pursuit, Western Sage, Wetherby, Whirlpool, Whisper Light, Whispering White, Whispering Wildflower, Whispering Wisteria, White Corn, White Sidewalls, White Winter, Wild Apache, Windswept Solitude, Wishful Wisteria, Wisteria Wish, Wood Lane, Wood Moss, Woodbridge, Woodbury, Woods End, Yellow Cream, Yellow Haze, Yellow River, Yellow Slicker, Yesterday’s Roses, Young Yellow

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